Shamay: "Deep Within I Knew He Wasn't For Me: Ignoring the Red Flags"

"Deep within I knew he wasn't for me, ignoring the Red Flags," is an anthology  that features the stories from women who come from different walks of life, who have experienced the REG FLAGS when dating or being in relationships.  These experiences have lead them to learn to look within themselves and change their dating style to ensure that their core values are fulfilled. We teach others how to treat us especially in relationships but we must know our core values as to what we will and will not accept.  When you are removed from a relationship, you are able to gain some clarity and usually realize that deep within there was some feeling that he wasn’t the right one for you for many reasons. The book also explores different types of men who typically are the ones who usually present some red flags and more. My goal with this book is to show women that we have all made mistakes but we must build up our self-awareness while learning from our past mistakes. I truly hope you enjoy the book as well as I hope it provides insight for you on your path to true love and self-discovery.