Crow's Rest by Angelica Jackson @ 2pm

9781633920040 $9.95



When sixteen-year-old Avery Flynn realizes her longtime crush, Daniel, has been taken over by a Fae creature, she sets out to evict the impostor from her almost-boyfriend's body. But the corbin, Lonan, argues that he may be humankind's best chance at stopping an invasion from Faerie--and the inevitable Dark Age that will follow. However, Lonan's success depends on staying in our world until the Blue Moon, when he plans to use Daniel's body to channel a powerful spell. It will take all of Avery's resources--including a dire case of stubbornness--to engineer Daniel's return while resisting Lonan's charms. But when magic hits closer to home than she ever could have imagined, Avery will have to choose sides--with the fate of both Faerie and our world hanging in the balance.
With playful, original twists on Celtic folklore and creatures, Crow's Rest will draw you into richly drawn worlds and genuinely complicated relationships--where very little is as it first seems.