Asymetrical Press' Word Tasting Tour

Asymetrical Press' Word Tasting Tour is coming to the Avid Reader at Tower.  Last year we hosted the Minimalists and had an amazing event.  This year, we will have four authors featured and live music.  

We will be very happy to welcome Colin Wright, Josh Wagner, Skye Steele and Shawn Mihalik.

Colin Wright: 

Colin’s books include Amazon bestselling nonfiction works like Iceland India Interstate and Act Accordingly. He also writes fiction, ranging from the the speculative science fiction series Real Powers to the collection of short stories about creation, Mean Universe, to the time traveling adventure tale, Ordovician.

Colin Wright's book "Considerations," lives up to its name.  In the vein of the Minimalists, Wright's 50 short essays walk readers through questioning their beliefs and perspectives, but in regards to perception of the world at large.  Check out his bio and assorted works on his website.

Josh Wagner:  

Josh is the author of three novels: Smashing Laptops, Deadwind Sea, and The Adventures of the Imagination of Periphery Stowe, as well as half a dozen plays (including Salep & Silk, Ringing Out, Bleach Bone). In his spare moments he reads too much, gets lost in the woods, and dances until they kick him out of the bar.


"Shapes the Sunlight Take is coming-of-age magical realism about the relationships we make with our past and future selves, where the search for perspective in a world of self-deception culminates in a final showdown between Lexie’s imagination and the fate of the universe," says the author's website.

Shawn Mihalik:

Shawn is the author of two books—Brand-Changing Day, a novel, and The Flute Player, a novella—and is a contributor to several others. His second novel, Particles, will be published on May 5, 2015.


In PARTICLES, Shawn Mihalik, author of Brand-Changing Day and The Flute Player, pulls us gently from our own reality before thrusting us violently into a deep, uncomfortable, and often hilarious exploration of the loneliness of existence and the connections we make as human beings in the first decades of the 21st Century.