C.R. Granderson's Accounts of a Reporter

ISBN: 978-1508511878 $14.99

ISBN: 978-1508511878


Manhattan New Yorker Jamal Montgomery is a brass investigative journalist who is estranged from his pregnant ex wife Desiree due to her infidelity. Jamal relocates to Sacramento, California, and gets involved with a young sexy school teacher and hot dance choreographer, the lovely Roxanne Jones. Roxanne decides to force Jamal’s hand at matrimony, so she hooks up with her ex boyfriend Deion St. James, the international drug dealer G-Dogg. Jamal’s investigative talents take him to Barcelona, Spain, where he uncovers the plans of G-Dogg’s crime boss Francis DaPrato, a Barcelona aristocrat. Señor DaPrato orders a couple of corrupt detectives to put an end to Jamal’s investigation and silence his journalistic life. All Jamal has is his wits, his balls and his instincts, will it be enough for him to survive?