Novice Nomad with Brian Lewis

The Novice Nomad: is a tonuge-in-cheek illustrated guide to backpacking and comes with a travel journal.

Brian Lewis:

Cursed with nomadic urges from an early age, Brian Lewis’s first wander took place at the age of eleven, when he decided to bicycle seventy miles to the coast. The trip was successful, however, the resultant phone call to his unaware parents informing them of the news of his adventure - and the need for a ride home - gave him his first lesson into the direct relationship between poor planning and dire consequences.  He has been making mistakes ever since.
The next mistake, at fifteen, saw him joining the British Army’s Royal Engineers. After seven years of marginal soldiering throughout the U.K., Germany, Greece and numerous corners of Europe, he quit the khaki and joined the civilian ranks.

After a couple of more years of jobs in resort management, nightclub work, canal-boat fixing, and various mundane jobs with various mundane people, he decided to visit the U.S.A.  It was then that his life changed for the better - he fell in love and married (she insisted on that insertion). A few years later, they quit their jobs and apartment and took off backpacking around Europe for a year. Starting on a container ship from London’s Tilbury Docks to Zeebrugge and then heading south-east by hitch-hiking, tractor, cheap ferries, donkey etc., they finally did a U-turn on the Asian side of Turkey and then headed back north - eventually running out of German money in a Chinese restaurant in Denmark.  After months in a tent no bigger than a two-door fridge, they are still talking - sometimes.  

In between a decade or so of domestic engineer, homeschooling and daddy duties to his two daughters - including a family summer spent in a log cabin on the Alaskan tundra - Brian explored and still does, but tries to make less mistakes. He now spends most of his hiking and snowshoeing time in the Sierras - only these days he lets someone know where he’s going first.