Of Mist & Shadow and Where the Hell is Myra Atkins by Lu Erickson!

ISBN: 978-0692443828 $12.99

ISBN: 978-0692443828


A medieval adventure filled with noble hearts, dark deeds, and a love too deep to be denied . . . Gwendolyn Greyson's life is about to change in unimaginable ways. Her beloved father has recently died, and rebel knights threaten her home. Into this confusion rides the dashing Aidan Blakeslee, who informs her that, by order of the king, her land now belongs to him. England is in great turmoil, and the king has gifted Aidan Blakeslee, his most able and trusted knight, with the small estate of Lockshire to root out rebel spies. With their fates joined, Aidan and Gwen will face danger at every turn as past rivalries turn deadly, and Gwen will discover that the true threat Aidan poses is not to her property but to her heart.

ISBN: 978-0692353899 $12.99

ISBN: 978-0692353899


When Myra Atkins, a life-hardened, aging vamp of a detective, goes missing, her secretary, proper English import Esther Humperstone is panic-stricken. She enlists new-hire Henry, an earnest yet slightly off-center twenty-two-year-old, to help find her beloved boss. What Henry and Esther don't know is that while they're taking a crash course in private detecting, Myra, caught up in a mid-life melt-down, has actually escaped to Maui with smooth-talker Ray Garnetti for a little sun and romance—and a lot of vodka martinis. The stakes are raised when Gordon Winston, a prominent Sacramento businessman, and the last person Myra saw before she disappeared, turns up dead. In the process of seeking answers to their boss's disappearance, Esther and Henry will unwittingly solve the mystery of who murdered Gordon Winston, take giants steps outside of their respective comfort zones, and discover that life's a richer journey when you're in good company.