Geraldine Walker's Spiritual Inspiration

Geraldine “Renee’ Walker was born in Los Angeles, California but has lived most of her life in Sacramento, California.  She is a wife, a mother and a giver of love and inspiration to the world.  At the ripe age of 50 years old, “Gerrie,” as she is called by her friends, family and now you, realized that her life was so much more than what she had originally thought it to be once she gave her soul to the Lord our Savior.


She became a member within the New Thought Movement in April of 2010, and has continued to embrace the teachings of the Heavenly Spirit as being a loving and forgiving God to all.  She has spoken all over the world to individuals about love, faith, joy, forgiveness, inspiration and the Goodness of the Heavenly Spirit.  By doing so, she has inspired others to look deep within themselves for the answers to their questions and concerns as they manifest through the challenges and obstacles in their own lives.


Currently Gerrie works for the State of California, with whom she has been employed for over 35 years as a loyal public servant.  But it has been during these last few years of her work with the State of California that she has realized she has a different calling and has began to pursue her vision of being of more service to our Lord and Savior in the form of Evangelism.   As she has always said, “Blessed be to those who love the Lord our Savior, for they are the Champions of the world.  May all that is good and right follow those blessed ones all the days of their lives.”  Praise be to God, Amen and amen.