"Black Wave" by Michelle Tea

Black Wave

By Michelle Tea

ISBN: 978-1-55861-939-5 $18.95

ISBN: 978-1-55861-939-5


The year is 1999. Desperate to quell her addiction to drugs, disastrous romance, and a San Francisco in the initial throes of the first tech bubble, Michelle heads south for LA. As a global apocalypse approaches, she begins an exploration of how to make queer love and art without succumbing to self-destructive vice. As the world slides into chaos, Michelle endeavors to make sense of her life while squatting in an abandoned bookstore and having an end-of-times affair with Matt Dillon. Dreamlike and dystopian, hopeful and redemptive, Black Wave marks Michelle Tea’s most ambitious, formally innovative work to date.

Michelle Tea is the author of ten books, the founder of literary non-profit RADAR Productions, and the co-creator of Sister Spit.