"After Further Review," by Mike Pereira, with Rick Jaffe Foreword by Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

After Further Review

My Life, Including the Infamous, Controversial, and Unforgettable Calls that Changed the NFL

By Mike Pereira, with Rick Jaffe

Foreword by Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

ISBN: 9781629371610 $25.95

ISBN: 9781629371610


Only recently in the world of NFL media have "rules experts" become an essential part of a fan's viewing experience. As the league continues to implement rule changes that have more and more of an impact on games--and, sometimes, the final outcome--it's become imperative that fans understand the rules and how they're applied. In his new book, Mike Pereira, former vice president  of officiating for the NFL and current football rules expert for Fox Sports, gives fans and casual viewers alike insight into NFL rules, their applications, and some of the most controversial calls in recent memory, in terms both can understand.

Mike Pereira is the former vice president of officiating for the National Football League and spent a total of 14 years officiating for the league. He was named Sports Illustrated's Sports Media Person of the Year in 2010 for his groundbreaking impact on sports television. He lives in Sacramento, California. Rick Jaffe was the senior vice president for news for 16 years at Fox Sports in Los Angeles and the former executive sports editor of the Los Angeles Times. He lives in Los Angeles.