"Etiquette for All (With Some Satire)" by Dr. Shahnaz Zomorrodian Erfani

Etiquette for All (With Some Satire)

By Dr. Shahnaz Zomorrodian Erfani


Are you married to a Persian-American and wish to embrace your spouse’s culture? Do you hope to one day be married to a Persian-American, and would like to impress the object of your affection? Maybe you’re Persian-American yourself and want to learn more about your parents’ culture. Or maybe you’re an American who’s just interested in Persian culture, who thinks the key to understanding and influencing Iranian-American relations might not be aggression and sanctions but through diplomacy, cross-cultural relations, and etiquette. Luckily, Dr. Shahnaz Erfani has written this delightful book, inspired by an official Persian text, as a simple introduction to the intricacies and joys of Persian etiquette.