"Next Bold Move" by Tarra Flores Sloan

Next Bold Move

By Tarra Flores Sloan


Tarra Flores Sloan interviewed 47 women from around the globe, all strangers and unique to each other in race, country, education, resident status, protected class, age, mission and struggle in life. Some are celebrities of famous Hollywood families, some are teachers, students, work-from-home moms, international publishers, business owners, and even a Latina comedienne and beauty queen from Puerto Rico. Some survived abuse, suicide, depression, attempted murder. Some thrived in international business. Some are over 50 and graduated with degrees from Harvard. Some have helped hundreds earn international best seller status. All made their Next Bold Move. All are inspirational.

Tarra Flores Sloan is an author, energy therapy practitioner, speaker, business and life coach and has been featured in numerous magazines, on TV and radio shows, podcasts, blogs, and international best selling books. Tarra is the recipient of Thumbtack For Professionals Best Of awards for years 2015 and 2016, is CEO of Fly Tots, President of Blueprint Bloom, Cofounder Heart Entrepreneurs Association, International and says her most important work is becoming a better and better parent. "My passion is writing, my mission in life is to be the best mother." Tarra is a wife and mother of three residing in California.