"On the Bus" by John LaTorre

On the Bus

By John LaTorre

For over half a century, the Volkswagen "bus" has cast a spell on the automobile industry, and John LaTorre understands why. In the process, he's put close to half a million miles on them, camped in them, lived in them, and worked on them in some very inconvenient places and times. This is their story--and his.

The VW bus has had several lives: a no-nonsense commercial van, a (mostly) reliable daily driver, an icon for a free-wheeling counter-culture, a symbol for getting away from it all, and the template for today's ubiquitous mini-vans. An amazing number of them are over forty years old and still on the road, doing what they were designed to do, in one of transportation's greatest success stories.

On the Bus is a story of auto shows, roadside breakdowns, and journeys across the country and around the American West. It's a story of the people who drive buses, love buses, camp in buses, repair buses, and keep buses on the road. Hop in and buckle up -- it's a thrilling ride, and the journey isn't over.