"Alchemical Inheritance" by Tess Keehn, M.S.

Alchemical Inheritance

By Tess Keehn, M.S.

ISBN: 9781504343466                                                   $15.99

ISBN: 9781504343466


Born into the aftermath of a family tragedy, author Tess Keehn responded as a young adult by dedicating herself to finding emotional balance and wellness.

Alchemical Inheritance presents the honest story of Keehn’s family history and of her own life experiences, describing how her journey through darkness eventually empowered her to manifest a life of peace, joy, and fulfillment. She tells the tale of her grandmother’s mysterious murder, her mother’s descent into mental illness, the dissolution of her family’s substantial wealth, and the near collapse of her own life under the weight of her family’s secrets and financial ruin.

Keehn’s own inheritance moved through the extremes of substance abuse and despair until a spiritual awakening in her twenties called her to tap the power of a myriad of resources and forge her own path to healing and redemption. Through her story, she hopes others may find a revised road map for their lives that moves them forward with clarity, excitement, and inspiration.