"Lovers & Comrades" by Robert Blair Osborn

ISBN: 9781530963089

Price: $15.95

A stroke victim, a mysterious woman from the past, and the fateful events from a half-century before drive this story of love, secrets, and Americans in China during the Second World War. In 1989, a stroke victim is brought to St. Matthews Care Facility in Albany, California, unable to speak or move. Lisa, a rebellious Chinese-American hospital intern, learns that his name is Quentin, that he was born in Beijing to American missionary parents, and that he has no next of kin. When a grandmotherly Chinese woman appears at his bedside and claims to have known him during the War, Lisa is left with more questions than answers. The woman’s strange disappearance after Quentin’s untimely death sends Lisa on a lifelong search: why did Quentin’s former lover need to see him one last time?

Robert Blair Osborn is a native of Seattle and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He studied intensive Mandarin at Beijing University in the late 1980s. He lives in Sacramento with his wife and three children.