"Psoriasis: A Love Story" by Jennifer Martin

ISBN: 978-0964697539

Price: $14.95

Funny, factual, and over-the-edge, Psoriasis: A Love Story tells the true story of the author’s 30-year battle with psoriasis. Disgruntled with poor results from traditional medicine, she began a quirky journey exploring unfamiliar landscapes in Eastern medicine, juicing, past-life regression, soul retrieval, Rife machines, Dead Sea salts, the Edgar Cayce protocol, and more. A self-described guinea pig, Jennifer addressed all the possible causes of psoriasis by looking at the possible causes relating to our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual components. Her personal transcendence and ultimate victory over psoriasis will not only enlighten readers about the nature of disease, but will uplift and inspire them along the way.

Endorsed by Jack Canfield, Joe Cross, and other notable authors, Psoriasis: A Love Story serves as a life manual--not only for millions of psoriasis sufferers throughout the world, but for anyone looking for a way to go beneath the layers to “soul healing” as well.