"Incompatibles [The First 100]" by Mario Estioko

ISBN: 978-0692543108 Price: $15.00

ISBN: 978-0692543108

Price: $15.00

Incompatibles is the hilarious web cartoon about things that just don't go together. Lovingly scrawled by humorist Mario Estioko, this full-color collection represents the first 100 panels in chronological order, in all their quirky splendor and glory.

Mr. Estioko is a Rocklin resident who has a wonderful spouse of 26 years and 5 awesome kids. He’s been doodling with a No.2 pencil since he was knee-high and drawing Incompatibles on the web since 2011. When he’s not tinkering with pencil and paper, he can be found teaching graphic design at Sacramento State or hunting local trout in the nearby Sierra Mountains.”