"Vision for Life" by Meir Schneider, PhD

ISBN: 978-62317-008-0 Price $21.95

ISBN: 978-62317-008-0

Price $21.95

Vision for Life outlines the general principles of good vision habits and includes exercises to prevent or improve specific vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and presbyopia (the need for reading glasses), as well as general exercises which can help anyone to maintain good vision.

 This new edition highlights current research in the field of vision improvement and features a wealth of new material, including a chapter focusing on vision issues affecting children and teens and a chapter on how to prevent eyestrain even with the ever-increasing use of computers, phones, and other screens.

 Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT healed himself of congenital blindness and developed an original holistic approach to health. The Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method is a unique combination of therapeutic massage, movement, and natural vision improvement exercises for prevention and rehabilitation of degenerative conditions. Meir is determined to revolutionize eye care and teach the world that vision doesn’t have to deteriorate—it can be improved!