"Path of Least Resistance" by Kenneth Dutton

Path of Least Resistance

ISBN: 978-1493146147               $15.99

ISBN: 978-1493146147


An indictment of the world's banking systems and the grip they have on us all, author Kenneth Dutton argues that “the international banking cartel aims to make the entire world wage slaves as it pushes daily for one world government”' His view is that the principal holders of wealth have manipulated world events, in order to achieve control  via wealth.

Kenneth Dutton is a fifth generation Californian. His family established a successful pear growing business in the Santa Clara Valley from the early Bear Flag Republic 1840's to the late 50's. Mr. Dutton earned an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from Sonoma State University in 1994. He also is a 17-year member of U.A. Local 393 Plumbers/Pipefitters, San Jose CA. Mr. Dutton resides in Sacramento, where he pursues his interests in political/historical writing, gold prospecting and reviving the Dutton pear business.