"I Wish I Could" by Linda L. Williams

I Wish I Could

Younger & Older Women Trailblazers in Black-American History

Mrs. Pickie, who became a teacher after growing up and seeing her parents work like slaves on a plantation, wanted a better life for herself and her sibling.

After being picked by her parents to get an education--paid for by the “Massa” of the plantation--Mrs. Pickie meets her homeroom teacher and realizes, at 10 years old, that she wanted to become a teacher.

After college, Mrs. Pickie sets her sights on her dreams and opens up several orphanages for at-risk black girls. Each orphan has to participate in the project during “Fun Day Friday” where they are encouraged to research their favorite trailblazer--the one person “I Wish I Could” be like.

This book will allow black girls specifically to read an inspirational story that empowers them, that gives them confidence and hope--and dares them to dream their personal dreams through their favorite trailblazer.