"Sky Dance" by Richard Meredith

Sky Dance

ISBN: 978-1-5004-7247-4 $12.00

ISBN: 978-1-5004-7247-4


Frightened and confused, a small group of ecotourists huddles together in a Colombian drug camp, captives of a Marxist revolutionary. On the surface, they’re victims of a typical South American kidnapping for ransom. The truth is more complex. Whether they know it or not, these tourists have stumbled into a large-scale conspiracy, the brainchild of an amoral scientist with a vendetta.

The tourists’ only hope lies with Carlos Serrano, their determined and resourceful tour guide. Unless Serrano can locate and rescue them, their “temporary” abduction may become permanent. After all, the dead have never been successfully called to the witness stand.

Richard Meredith is a wildlife biologist whose experiences in South America inspired Sky Dance.