"River of No Return" by Rachael Freeman Long

River of No Return

Black Rock Desert Trilogy, Book III

By Rachael Freeman Long

                           ISBN: 1682071480                                     $11.99

                           ISBN: 1682071480


When wolves attacked a herd of cows, Jack knows something is wrong.  When Jack meets up with his friends Sonny, a coyote, Pinta, a bat, and Midas, a raven, he learns the evil poachers are back. They have encountered this gang before and they are determined to stop them forever. A complex tale that includes the former lead pack wolf, banned from the pack; Sonny’s parents who have been captured; and poacher Sarge and his motley crew Earl and Mack. Set in a desert wilderness where copper and gold mines and old volcano flows once flourished, it soon becomes a battle to stay alive as they trail the poachers.

River of No Return is a riveting story, each page turning itself. Author Rachael Freeman Long, an expert on bats in real life, weaves in details about bats that become critical in the friends’ survival and success.