"The Comic Book Bandit" by Jay Feldman

The Comic Book Bandit

By Jay Feldman

ISBN: 1682899845                        $14.95

ISBN: 1682899845


The Comic Book Bandit is a bright, healthy, mischievous child named Jay. Mentored by his brilliant older brother, Ross, the bandit pulls off his first comic book heist at the age of four. Gradually he finds himself  alone in a world where the only significant authority over his behavior is his own fledgling--and relatively ignorant--conscience. Not entirely free, but with stolen moments of freedom to explore life on his own, our hero is captured by the undeniable realization: "I can do whatever I want, so long as I don't get caught."

In stories that take place following WWII, the bandit faces the obstacles of grown-ups but cleverly discovers the slippery power of the believable lie. Getting away with stuff soon becomes second nature, at least until he creates a lie so big, with burden so weighty, its effects may be overwhelming.