"El Güero" by Tim Harron

El Güero

By Tim Harron

ISBN: 978-1-68289-625-9 $18.95

ISBN: 978-1-68289-625-9


"El Güero,"  inspired by true events, follows the journey of a boy becoming a man on the streets of New York. Raised by devout Irish Catholic parents, T- (the main character) believes he has only three options in life: cop, clergy, or crook. After his grandfather discourages him from joining the force, he chooses the clergy. Just shy of entering the seminary, T- witnesses the darker side of man in some of his mentors in the priesthood. Now with only one option left, T- embraces the name given to him by the Mexican underworld--El Güero, a description not only endearing but defining of his distinctive notoriety. In this thriller-packed story, one childhood prayer and complete trust in his gut will lead T- through life-threatening situations, questionable alliances, and uncharted territories. “In this world, you learn to never turn your back..."