"Two Rivers" by Stephen P. Cook

Two Rivers: Lieutenant John Bullis and His Days Commanding the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts

(An Imagined Narrative)

By Stephen P. Cook

ISBN: 978-1515029250                                $11.99

ISBN: 978-1515029250


Two Rivers tells a story like no other in American history. Two Rivers is written like a wheel within a wheel, the inner wheel a narrative telling the story of Lieutenant John Bullis, his wife Alicia Rodriguez, and his lover Creola Payne. Bullis is a white man who commanded the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts for eight years, and their epic story is the outer wheel, which tells of a Devil's bargain made with the U.S. Army and the eventual betrayal of the Seminole-Negroes by the very people the Scouts protected. Two Rivers is a compelling story drawn from the backwaters of American history.