"Water: More or Less" by Rita Schmidt Sudman & Stephanie Taylor

Water More or Less

By Rita Schmidt Sudman & Stephanie Taylor

ISBN: 978-0997238204                                          $50.00

ISBN: 978-0997238204


Droughts, floods and water quality issues cast harsh light on how we use water in our lives, our agriculture and our environment. California's water policy and use are changing in dramatic ways. Water: More or Less provides intriguing insight as to how we got to this point, and proposes options for solutions and answers. Presented as an anthology in three dimensions--art, history, and story-- it captures moments of change both visually and verbally. Artist and essayist Stephanie Taylor captures images of people and places in paintings and words, portraying a slice of the daily lives of fishermen, farmers, biologists and others. Journalist Rita Schmidt Sudman, long-time observer of the California water scene who also led the Water Education Foundation, follows the history of geographic water conflict and provides context for the past while suggesting options for the future. Twenty top water policy leaders add their diverse voices with personal essays written just for this book, and tell why they care so passionately about water.