"Searching for the City of Love" by Anna Maguire

Searching for the City of Love

 By Anna Maguire

ISBN: 978-1524649371                             $13.99

ISBN: 978-1524649371


Searching for the City of Love recounts the author’s captivating journey to find love while exploring the world. The poems reflect on the lonely feelings that come with travelling alone, the joy of falling in love with people or places, and how it’s possible to have loved and lost even when the voyage is beautiful. In the end, the city of love is in the eye of the beholder. It can be anywhere.

Anna Quimpo Maguire is a from the Northern California and is known for her poetry blog “Three States of Mind”. She is an avid traveler at her expense whilst being a college student as well.  Maguire is also the founder of the Quimpo-Maguire foundation, a charity that grants scholarships to students at a Philippine public high school located in Quezon City.