"Blooming in Winter" by Jennifer O’Neill Pickering

Blooming in Winter

By Jennifer O’Neill Pickering

                  ISBN: 1941125514                         $15.00

                  ISBN: 1941125514


Blooming In Winter, by literary and visual artist Jennifer O’Neill Pickering, is a collection of lyrical poetry celebrating the sense of place: rural and urban and important passages: birth, love, loss, exploration, maturity, and death. Jennifer’s poetry is both accessible and thought provoking; often humorous, it reflects an interest in nature and the nature of human relationships. Her voice honors beginnings in rural northern California writing of the loss of habitat, farmland and wilderness, and a longing for simpler living. Her writing has been described by Sacramento Poet Laureate Emeritus Bob Stanley, “Sweet and painful pulling the reader close with a clear lyrical voice.” Julia Connor, Sacramento Poet Laureate Emeritus described her poetry as “A lyric voice alive to the environment and as awake to the interior weathers.” The book includes ten of Jennifer’s visual art works.