"The Princess and the Sunflowers" by Leonie Pickett and Catlyn LeGault

The Princess and the Sunflowers

By Leonie Pickett and Catlyn LeGault

Illustrated by Miakoda Plude

ISBN: 978-1631777738                                          $16.95

ISBN: 978-1631777738


Amara, a princess, thinks the world revolves around her, in part because she is an only child, in part because all kids do...but also because all of the sunflowers are staring at her every morning when she awakes.

One afternoon she looks out the window and realizes with shock that they are not staring at her. She becomes upset and she tries to do everything she can to get the sunflowers to turn around. Through her attempts she meets a friend, the son of a farmer, who teaches her a little bit about humility and the secret about why the sunflowers face different directions at different times of day. Princess Amara, thus, learns a little science, a lot of humility, and even makes her first true friend. Learn more at www.sunflowerprincess.com.