"Diary of a Fast Food Worker" by Kathy Norton

Diary of a Fast Food Worker

By Kathey Norton

                        ISBN: 1483585298                                  $15.99

                        ISBN: 1483585298


Using her actual diary entries from the mid-80s, writer Kathey Norton details her life as a young writer working in the fast food industry, and the struggle to remain creative while dealing with a soul-crushing boss, an ever-changing cast of co-workers, the drama of an atypical first romance, and the frustration and self-doubt that haunt her. Brutally honest and poignant, dark yet hopeful, Diary of a Fast Food Worker provides a glimpse into the creative and, at times, tortured soul of a writer trying to survive the realities of working at Hamburger Hell, while still clinging tightly to her dreams and ambitions as a novelist and poet.