"Living in 1984: America’s Flirtation with Fascism" by Gregg Ward Matson

Living in 1984:

America’s Flirtation with Fascism

By Gregg Ward Matson

ISBN: 1607468158                            $25.00

ISBN: 1607468158


WARNING: Reading this could be an act of thoughtcrime! In Living in 1984 - America's Flirtation with Fascism, Gregg Ward Matson asks if America, defender of liberty since its founding in the Age of Enlightenment, is becoming a neo-fascist state in its power and wealth. Quoting from Orwell and founders such as Samuel Adams and John Jay, Alexis deToqueville in America's first flower of nationhood, Eugene Debs and Woodrow Wilson in the first phase of empire, and on to Eric Hoffer, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Molly Ivins in recent times, the author discusses how modern America resembles life in Orwell's dystopia, how we got here, and actions we could take to change things.