We hold events for authors coming from all publishing outlets and backgrounds.  

Successful events are determined by individual authors' efforts, and for this reason we supply a list of contacts and suggestions for getting your publicity started after we confirm a date.  

Author events are held predominantly on Saturdays at 2 pm and 4 pm. 

 Whether we order the books or the author provides them is decided on the availability of the book.  If we are going to order them the book needs to be available from the publisher or Ingram (the primary distributor of books in the nation) at a 40% discount or more, with a good price on shipping.   

If you are published by a small press, or independently, we will handle the books on consignment, unless the book is available through Ingram as specified above. 


The store takes 40% and writes a check to the author for 60% of the list price.  Following an event, we will hold 2 books for 1 month, on consignment.  After one months it is the author's responsibility to pick up the books.

Before an event:  If your books will be on consignment, drop them off a month ahead of time.  

If you have any other questions, send them my way at: nickm.avidreader@gmail.com